Tempted Knights

Author V. R. Vogt brings history, old legends and romance together to make an enchanting series with a paranormal twist. Part-thriller, part-fantasy and part-romance with gripping tales of monsters and heroes, “Tempted Knights” is a captivating series that will certainly win the hearts of many readers in this enchanting series.

It chronicles the ongoing journey of Angelo Rotolo and his pursuit of revenge and redemption after being turned immortal against his will, together with three fellow Knights sworn to protect humankind, in search of the malicious vampire who infected him. Will he finally get his revenge?

In the newest installment of Tempted Knights: Rumors of War, Angelo, the warrior king and Tempted Knight, is struggling with his own inner demons, resisting his thirst for blood, while his one true soul mate, Whitney, seeks to save Angelo from those out to harm him and from himself. They will stop at nothing to save each other from certain doom or die trying against all odds. When imminent danger arises, Will their love endure? Can the Alliance prevail? Find out who survives and who becomes a casualty of war.