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5.0 out of 5 stars    July 18, 2013 - 2015
Knights is Addictive 
By N. Michniacki

The black cover gives nothing away with its writing; the title? Not a clue. I've never heard of a Tempted Knight and it sounds like something I'd see on the cover of a romance novel. While there's definitely romance, the "tempted" means so much more than something sexual. This is a new breed of supernatural that you will discover relatively quickly in the novel.

The world of Tempted Knights, a first time novel by V.R. Vogt begins in the seventeenth century; that really threw me for a loop. Because soon enough, modern day emerges on a scene with these knights of old still running around; only now it's secretive. Why? These "Knights" are the protectors of all innocents from the dangerous supernatural creatures-and the very existence of all supernatural creatures.

The knights themselves have been given many supernatural gifts from a powerful Wiccana hundreds and hundreds of years ago. Longer life for one, and the ability to move far more quickly than any mortal in battle. Why should they need these attributes? Why, to fight vampires of course!!

The storyline only gets better; I love the way the vampires are described. For one, they are unique as all vampire stories should be, but they don't sparkle! Speaking of sparkling vampires, at one point in the story, about 100 pages in, the story starts to take a turn toward a certain sparkly vampire story which I will not name.

I have to mention the resemblance because it's just such a popular story right now (although I hate it) and the resemblance can make some people (such as myself) get turned off and quit reading. But don't fret!! The resemblance is nothing more than a commonality in the blossoming love story. See, around 100 pages in, we are introduced to more than just the two main characters, their intense love for one another opens up and begins to take off.

It's amazing how well Vogt is able to take such a serious love story and combine it with very realistic and dangerous threats within one plot. This is not something I think can be done very easily. The story actually reminds more of The Sword of Truth series than anything in the way that it successfully combines the romance and a growing plot line with Wiccanas, Wicos, Vampires, and who knows what other magical creatures will develop in the 2nd, 3rd and even 4th stories.

Once you get into those first 100 pages, and get over the fear that it will be like a trash teeny bopper vampire novel, the most difficult problem you will have is putting it down. I struggled badly in the last 300 hundred pages with being able to stop reading. It's a curse many book lovers hate and love but this one definitely had me flying through till the end as I became obsessed with the characters. The end came all too abruptly and I totally wanted to start the second one. Unfortunately-it's not out for a few more weeks. But hey, a few more weeks to wait for a release of a new series? Not bad!

The best part about this book which I find many parents would like to know is that it's a really good read for many ages including upper high school level. It's a vampire novel sure, but the good guys are the ones going after the vampires.
And for those of you who are still curious, or want to know more about the series, keep checking project-nerd for the exclusive interview with independent author, V.R. Vogt!!


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4.0 out of 5 stars     February 14, 2013 - 2015
By jason c weisbrich

I loved this book because the characters were not two-dimensional. The characters in the book were believable, and the twists and turns in the story line kept you reading. I must admit that I was quite sad to see the second book had not been published yet.


5.0 out of 5 stars      June 23, 2012
Tempted Knights is a must read!           
By J

Let me begin by saying that I am a fan of vampire and knight stories. Going into this book, I already had particular expectations. This story has exceeded my expectations! I was pleasantly surprised by the way this author portrayed vampires and knights differently. She puts a new twist into the norm and it works out great. It was an easy and smooth read, and I am enjoying the storyline. The characters are witty and charming, funny and bold, and some you just can't help to feel an animosity towards. It was extremely difficult to put the book down! It also encompassed humor, romance, drama, and of course some great action all in one. At times I found myself so absorbed in the story that what seemed like minutes turned into hours of me reading. It took no time to read this book and it has definitely left me with a "hunger" for more of what's to come in the later books of the Tempted Knights series.

5.0 out of 5 stars    
Tempted Knights 
By Heather

I just finished the book..all I can say is I'm ready for more! Tempted Knights was excellent! When will the next book come out? I can't wait! I am a fan with all the vampire books out there but this one takes the cake!

5.0 out of 5 stars    
love it, love it and love it!
By Rochelle

I have to say this book was awesome I couldn't put it down. If you love a book that has romance, suspense and humor you will want to read this book! The character's in this book are so real, very descriptive its not hard to imagine the scenery or characters! V.R Vogt I give you 2 thumbs up and a big thank you for bringing Whitney and Angelo in my life! I can't wait for the next book!!!!

5.0 out of 5 stars     
A MUST READ!!!!!!!!!!!
By Janel

This book pulled me in from the very beginning. I didn't want to put it down from the moment I started reading. It has everything a great book should have. From action to love it is definately one to read!!!

5.0 out of 5 stars    
hungry for more! 
By liveesandoval

If you want a book with romance, action, mystery, and comedy this book is for you. You'll love it! You'll want more!

5.0 out of 5 stars   
By jennifer and jason

Tempted Knights has one the best descriptive, in depth, and captivating story lines I have ever read. From the moment I opened the book the suspense had me on the edge of my seat!!!. I had to force myself to put the book down to accomplish anything around the house!! For anyone who is in to action, drama, and romance with a twist of vampires, witches, and supernatural beasts must have this book in their collection. I look forward to reading future titles completed from the imagination of the author V.R. Vogt.

5.0 out of 5 stars   
A Must Have!!
By Sara

For anybody looking for a great read, this is definitely a must!!! Unable to put the book down, Tempted Knights (last chance) grabbed my interest from the very beginning to the very end. With lots of action, humor, and love, I was swept away in the tale of the heroic knights protecting humankind oblivious of vampires, along with needing to protect the innocent Whitney Johnson.
Told in the eyes of both main characters, Angelo and Whitney, Tempted Knights gave me a closer look inside the emotions and thoughts they were each experiencing, which had me laughing and even nearly crying at times.
I absolutely loved this story and the characters--especially the charming knight/vampire Angelo--and after barrowing my friend's copy, I had to buy the book to add to my collect of favorites.
It is official, I'm addicted to this new series and need more. I can't wait to get my hands on book two and see what happens next.
Hurry V.R. Vogt, feed my reading hunger more.

5.0 out of 5 stars   
By Lillie

Tempted Knights intrigued me right from the beginning. It definitely caught my interest and I enjoyed that it got right into the story. V. R. Vogt presents innovative ideas and twists into the genres of Vampires, Knights, and the Supernatural.
The way she introduces the story and put the characters into play, drew my interest and kept my eyes glued onto reading more about them, which I didn't have to wait long for. I actually had more difficulty putting the book down more than anything else. I always felt there was more I had to know and find out. Between lunch times at work and some late nights, I finished the book in under a week's time. I cannot wait to read more of the Tempted Knights series. I hope the second book comes out soon for I need to find out more about what happens.

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5.0 out of 5 stars     
Excellent book!! Great Story has mystery, suspense and romance!!
By Anonymous

Excellent book!! Great Story has mystery, suspense and romance!! I highly recommend this book, at first I thought another vampire story, but this is much more than that. Get it, read it and you will anticipating the second book!!


Tempted Knights
Warrior's Sacrifice

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4.5 out of 5 stars    Dec 19, 2013
Must Read 
By Erin

Tempted Knights: Warrior’s Sacrifice is the second installment to the Tempted Knights series by V.R. Vogt. The brand new indie- author delivers this sequel with nothing less than promised; it’s a perfect extension to the first novel that’s loaded with suspense. (see previous review). This new one even goes so far as to have improved writing along with a more in-depth and action-packed plot.
In this novel, Angelo and Whitney have far more intense conflicts to deal with. It almost came across as if the first novel was nothing more than a prequel to this, a mere backstory to Warrior’s Sacrifice. I still highly recommend it to give you the entire beginnings of Angelo, Whitney, and the rest of the knights who travel with them, but when Vogt said in an interview shortly before this book’s release that the first book is hardly important compared to the rest, I can’t believe it’s actually true.

If you read the first installment simply titled, Tempted Knights: Last Chance , you know those comments in no way are meant to put it down, if anything, it’s meant to speak the sheer joy you will get from reading the second story. Yes. Joy.

Angelo Rotolo is a Tempted Knight. Bitten by a vicious vampire over four years ago, the hundreds year old knight-king of a secret order, must hide his new identity in order live out his revenge, vengeance, and most of all, save his beloved from the tragedy of losing him. The knights he belong to have a long history of zero tolerance for those who change into the ones they hunt; and execute infected knights immediately.

The vampire backstory is particularly interesting in that being a vampire resembles traditional lore with holy water, daylight sensitivity, immortality, and regeneration all part of the typical curse. However; all good authors set their legends apart, and this is my absolute favorite method. In Tempted Knights, the vampires are basically infected with a disease. With it, if you intake any human blood, you lose your human conscience. Meaning, all vampires become totally evil, hell-bent on their survival alone after they drink human blood.

Angelo is saved from becoming a wild animal like the rest simply because of his will power to stay away from human blood. The thing that makes him so fascinating is his uncanny ability to constantly deny himself that which he craves most with his “infection.” He lives off of animal blood other than human.

Whitney is basically his soul mate. In a love story reminiscent of the Sword of Truth’s Richard and Kahlan, their love is unbreakable and very interesting to read about. The two have been surrounded by turmoil since they first met though.

Whitney is a genetic anomaly; seemingly generations have passed without anyone in her family aware of their own Wiccan heritage. The way that Vogt incorporates the Wiccanian history is mind-blowing. I appreciate the unique story of Wiccans very much like the vampire story as some other worldly being similar to what you might find in classic literature, at the same time terribly unique.

This adds such a believable level of desire when you read about the love between Whitney and Angelo. And yet the love story is totally appropriate for all audiences. Don’t give it to a twelve year old, but a high schooler can easily read this without it being over the top, right along with a twenty-something year old intellectual.


Finding a book with such a great story as this one, and then extending it into an addictive series is hard to come by. Tempted Knights: Warrior’s Sacrifice will not do anything other than whet your appetite for more. And I am right there with you waiting anxiously for more. The book didn’t end on so much of a cliffhanger that it seemed incomplete, but let’s just say I can’t stop thinking about the story and what will happen next.

While I may have had a few technical complaints about Tempted Knights: Last Chance, I can’t even find a way to criticize Warrior’s Sacrifice. I can’t guarantee you will love it, but if you don’t like this book, it’s just not your thing. A great read for anyone who’s into speculative fiction.

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5.0 out of 5 stars
It keeps getting better! August 19, 2013
By J

“After reading the first book (Last Chance), I couldn't wait to find out what happens next. It was worth the wait because "Warriors Sacrifice" did not disappoint. The story line takes you through so many thrilling twists and turns, it had me at the edge of my seat. Needless to say, I couldn't put it down. I look forward to reading more of the series and I can't wait to discover what becomes of the characters, especially Angelo and Whitney. Fun-Thrilling-Dramatic & a Great book overall!”  

5.0 out of 5 stars
I need book #3
By Lillie

“This book is such an awesome love story, mixed with vampires, death, violence and inseparable love that Whitney and Angelo have for each other. The characters are described in the book so well that you can just about picture them in your mind. Also there is such deceit and power thrown about that you can feel it, I thought that the first book (last Chance) was great but this 2nd book (warrior's Sacrifice ) will definitely take your breath away, at one point in the book I was so upset I wished that I could have been able to help them through their problems. I must admit it had me going there for a while but then it leveled. Reading this book stole every available moment that I had because once you start reading it TRUST me you will not be able to put it down, so you know I stayed up all night until I finished it of course. So all I can say is that if the author of these two books is coming out with the third book then by all means BRING IT ON!!!!!!!”

5.0 out of 5 stars July 25, 2014
Something Anyone would Love to read
By Teri

“Now I can't wait for Book three. This book sure didn't disappoint. A lot of books, the first one is awsome, but the next ones are lacking. This one was just as riveting as the first book. I couldn't put it down. The detail was so great, it made you feel like you were actually there with the characters. You could actually feel the pain and sorrow along with the humor at just the right moments. Now I can't decide if this was the best book I ever read or if the Tempted Knights: Last Chance was. They were both great. The was action, adventure, romance, humor, drama. I can't think of anything this book was lacking. The writing was just wonderful. I could picture everything as it was happening. Again this would make another great movie.”

5.0 out of 5 stars June 21, 2014
GREAT BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,
By Heather

“I read the first book and loved it and couldn't wait for the second book to come out, now that I read the second book I cant wait for the third one I was so involved in the book that my boyfriend asked "are you ok" all I could do is hold a finger up telling him to hold on I was at a good part. I read the book in 3 days (cause I had to work) when I read the book I wanted to jump in and help them in some of the fights lol I loved the twins and everyone in the book....come on third book :) thanks for the good books V.R Vogt!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


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